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Petrol & Diesel Remapping


Everyone wants more and more fuel economy from their car. Remapping is an efficient way to maximise your engine's performance – improving throttle response, economy and towing ability.


When carburettors were replaced by injection and engine control units (ECU), the art of tuning became more complicated. Instead of using a screwdriver, mechanics began using computers. These days, specialist software is needed to tell the ECU what to adjust. These new programs are installed on a micro¬chip which is plugged into the car's circuit board.


As engines have evolved so has the tuning technique. Laptops are plugged in to the diagnostics port and software is uploaded to adjust the fuelling, drive-by-wire throttle response, turbo control, engine load and torque limiters. This is commonly known as remapping.


Remapping can provide you with typical power and torque gains of 30% and sometimes up to 50%.


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More Power....More Torque....More MPG